How to choose a Necklace for your Neckline?

How to choose a Necklace for your Neckline?

Different necklines look better with certain necklace styles.

Turtle necks or High necks – you can pair a long chain necklace or a layered necklace to get a classy look

Crew necks – looks best when paired with short necklaces such as necklace ‘collar’ or bib styles

Off shoulder – when paired with small chokers in leather or with small pendants looks perfect.

Scoop necks or round deep necks– fill in the space with some statement necklace the one on silver finish are very trending this year

Strapless – look great with statement chokers or statement necklace

Square necks – look for pendants with an angular finish to harmonize with the angular neckline

Asymmetric necklines – it looks best if you leave your neck bare and pair a statement earrings or maybe single earring also looks perfect with this neckline.

Halter necks – these create a narrow V neck – you can pair layered delicate neck piece with this look. It fills in whole V and also looks good.

V neck – ideally a necklace that matches the shape of the V or you can also pair it with a thin choker.

Collared shirt (button down) – there isn’t much space for anything too wide, so a choker style works if you have a long neck, if not a slimmer pendant that sits above the last open button or also layered neck piece or a collar colorful neck piece .

Boat neck – a long string or two of beads is ideal for this neckline.

Sweetheart – a curved necklace that has width that will balance the open décolletage of this neckline.

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