These are the most common questions asked by our clients worldwide. Have a look at the FAQs here and feel free to get in touch with us in case if you have any query out of the questions and answers provided here.

How do I search for different products and style at MelinQ.com?

Browsing our website is very easy. You can simply type anything that you are searching for in the top right hand corner search tab and search for your desired products.

You can also go inside any category and filter the clothes based on your requirements.

How can I shop from MelinQ.com?

Once your favourite item or the clothing that you wish to purchase is decided simply click on that item and “Add to Cart”. Once you click on “Add to Cart” if you want to shop around further you can simply browse on more items and keep adding these products to the cart after which you can scroll into your cart and click on buy now in order to make a purchase.

Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

You can shop at MelinQ.com without really creating an account. You can simply place an order using Facebook login ID or an email address to make the purchase possible at your end. With that said you can definitely have some perks just in case if you happen to register with us.

Also you can track your order once you register with us.

If I am staying outside India can I have my products delivered to some place in India itself?

You just need to provide your Indian Delivery address where you want your products to be delivered and you can get your products delivered anywhere in India.

How can we search for the latest products on MelinQ.com?

As mentioned above you can simply go to the search tab and search for the particular product that you need or you can browse our categories section. We are up-to-date with the latest trends and therefore all the items that you see here are from our latest collections.

Some of the latest and featured products will be displayed for you on home page.

Do you have discount offers or sale offers?

Yes we do have a time to time seasonal offers and discounts on our products designed for the benefit of our customers all over the world.

FAQs Related to Payments

What are the payment options offered at MelinQ.com?

You can make payments via Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Paytm and Bank Transer.

People outside India can process their payments via Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Stripe and Paypal.

What are the shipping costs for different countries?

Shipping is Free Worldwide. However, we do offer express shipping for some amount.

Cancellation and Returns Queries

How can I cancel my purchase?

You can simply cancel your purchase by informing us via email or call within 12 hours of the order placed. However please refer to our Refunds and Returns policy for further details.

You can also go to refund section in your Account and file a refund request there.

Is the website secure?

Yes the website is very much secure as the site uses software that provides a very high level of encryption technology.

Although we use advanced technology to keep your information secure, we cannot be held responsible for misuse and alteration that occurs in cases of the all the modern day computer networks that are linked to internet.