Jewelry Trends in 2017

Jewelry Trends in 2017

Jewelry has always been like a cherry on the cake for every women out there. Wearing different jewelry pieces enhances your elegance as a women. You need to choose those catchy jewelry pieces that can complement what you wear and provide you with the stunning look you need to impress others on different occasions.

It is not that affordable to invest in precious jewelry when u want to keep up to the trends. Trends change every year. There are other jewelry pieces that are made of cheaper materials that do not cost a lot of money and allows you to purchase what suits your budget. In order to choose the catchiest and most stylish jewelry pieces, you have to check out the jewelry trends that are presented every year.

Here are top 10 trendiest jewelry options to select the catchiest for you.

  1. Single Earrings

Want to look different and grab more attention? You can try wearing single earrings. It is not the first time for this catchy jewelry trend to appear as it was seen before during the past years and continues to be a big jewelry trend in the next year. Single earrings are available in different designs some of them are as shown below. They are worn by many celebrities making them more popular. 

  1. Choker necklaces

Today they are amongst most accepted trends this year. You can see all the lovely ladies wearing those classy chocker necklaces for the trendiest parties. You can see those girls wearing funky leather chokers. You can find gold chokers, crochet chokers, glassy chokers, feathered chokers and more materials from which you can select what makes you completely comfortable and more gorgeous.

  1. Statement pendants and necklaces

The small and simple pendants are so last year. Statement necklaces are what you need to get that attention. With those beautiful attractive pieces you can make even a simple boring outfit stand out. You can even wear those colorful statement necklace to add colors to your plain monochrome outfits. There are many impressive designs that can increase your beauty and make you catchier on different occasions.

  1. Multilayered necklaces

If you still love those small pendants and do not like the idea of wearing statement necklaces and pendants because they do not suit your personality, then there is no problem. You can wear those necklaces with small pendants but in large number and multiple layers. These are perfect to pair with formal outfits as well. It looks beautiful when paired with a shirt or a deep necked tee or a dress. They can also be paired with a backless dress to add that oomph.

  1. Multiple rings on one hand

Statement jewelry is so trending this year. Be it a statement necklace or your fingers with those rings giving you that catchy look. Clubbing multiple rings be it finger rings or toe rings they are perfect pair for that beach look. Whether the rings are large or small, shiny or colored, you can create the catchy combination you like to increase the beauty of your hands.

  1. Pom Pom earrings

Whether you are wearing long dangles with 3-4 asymmetric pom poms or added to the hoops or a triangle or single pom pom stud or that single pom pom attached to a long chain. Those colorful pom poms add color to any outfit. You can pair it with your tee or even some traditional clothing it looks perfect with everything. You still don’t have any of them grab them now!!

  1. Ear cuffs

Do you want to easily and quickly get catchier ears? Ear cuffs can help you to make your ears more stunning. You can wear those traditional earrings, but ear cuffs are known to be completely different since they decorate a larger part of your ears. Ear cuffs are available in two different types. You can find piercing and non-piercing ear cuffs to help you easily find what suits you and makes you more gorgeous. Check here the most unique trendy jewelry pieces of this year.

  1. Anklets

Anklets are the modern form of the traditional payal. Wearing a payal still exists in many parts of India. The anklet designs are trendier and catchy. You can wear it on single ankle or even both. You can pair multiple anklets together and give that catchy look. Pair them with that beach costume, those dresses, hot pants or as u say shorts to get that catchy look.

  1. Long necklaces

Do you want to get that classy look? Long necklaces are to make your look more elegant. Pair them with that elegant monochrome dress to add color. You can also pair with that high neck tee or an evening gown.

  1. Bangle Bracelets

These are most trending this year and was also there last year. Wearing multiple bangles. You can pair them with a statement bracelet or with your watch. Adding multiple rings increases beauty of your hands and get that catchy look with simple outfit.

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